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Meet the new Thai Ambassador


Dansk-Thai Business Association invites you to a meeting


Wednesday the 6th of February 2013, 7.00 pm at

Asia House, India Kaj 16, 2100 Østerbro


The new Thai Ambassador H.E. Vimon Kidchob will open the meeting speaking on the topic ‘Commerce and Culture’. The Director of the Commercial Section Ms Sujitra Tanomsup will also attend the meeting.


The idea is to focus at the strong commercial relations between Thailand and Denmark as well as the existing strong cultural and friendly relationships. Trying to take a step forward: how can the Thai culture affect the world and how is the world affecting Thailand and Thai behaviors? And maybe most important – how can we strengthen and expand the close ties in the future?


The meeting has been arranged in co-operation with Dansk-Thai Forening.


With your positive interest in Thailand and not least future potential business we kindly ask you to send a representative for this meeting. The invitation also includes small and medium-sized companies.   


When signing up for the meetings please send a mail to Hans Siegfredsen, hanssiegfredsen@gmail.com (please mark the mail: ‘Meeting the Ambassador’). Or call to Svend Drachmann, Chairman of Dansk-Thai Forening tlf 45 88 23 65 (after 6.30 pm).


On top of this you have the chance to enjoy a delicious serving of authentic Thai curry dishes.


110,- DKK per person


Beer, wine or soft drinks available as always at ‘friendly’ prices.


Registration and payment of the 110,- DKK in advance is necessary.

Please send a check to Vibeke Lund, Ved Klosteret 19, 1.th, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, or pay to the account of the association (1551) 902 42 55 at the post office or by net banking.

Please remember to register your name with the payment.


Deadline for registration is Friday 1st of February 2013.



Copenhagen January 18th of January


Hans Siegfredsen





Please have a look at our Facebook: Dansk-Thai-Forening or the website



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Meet the Ambassador


Culture and Commerce



Til medlemmerne af Dansk-Thai Forening


Hermed inviteres til møde


Onsdag d. 6. februar kl. 19.00 i Asia House, Indiakaj 16, Østerbro


Thailands nyligt tiltrådte Ambassadør H.E. Vimon Kidchob ser frem til at hilse på vore medlemmer og har venligst tilbudt at indlede en aften over emnet Kultur og Forretning. Ikke alene hvorledes disse to begreber påvirker hinanden, men også i hvilket omfang Thai kultur og forretningsmåde kan påvirke omverdenen og hvorledes omverdenen influerer på Thaierne.


Med ca. 100.000 Danskere på årligt besøg i Thailand og ca. 15.000 Thaier indvandret til og boende i Danmark er det evident at der er en gensidig påvirkning. Hvordan kan vi klarlægge denne påvirkning og på hvilken måde kan begge parter drage nytte og glæde deraf, såvel privat som i en forhandlingssituation.


I mødet deltager også Thailands handelsråd Sujitra Tanomsup, og endvidere er medlemmer af Dansk-Thai Business Association inviteret til mødet


Da de fleste af vore medlemmer har boet i Thailand og derfor har personlig indstilling til emnet, skulle der være udsigt til en aften med gode spørgsmål og kommentarer.


I forbindelse med mødet serveres en spicy thai karry buffet. Prisen er kr. 100,- for fortæringen og 10,- kr. for engangsservice, dvs. i alt


kr. 110,- pro persona.


Øl, vin og vand kan købes til Asia House’s vanlige venlige kantinepriser.


Tilmelding og Betaling

Tilmelding er nødvendig. Ring til Vibeke Lund på tlf. 36 90 78 18 hhv. e-mail vibeke.lund2@gmail.com senest fredag d. 1. februar. Gæster er velkomne.     


Send check til Vibeke Lund, Ved Klosteret 19, 1 th., 2100 Kbh. Ø eller indbetal til foreningens girokonto (1551) 902 42 55. Eller direkte i en af Danske Banks filialer/Netbank til nævnte konto. Husk afsendernavn.


Vel mødt, og med venlig hilsen





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We hereby have the pleasure to invite to the first meeting in:



Danish Thai Business Forum

Thursday June 7th 2012

At 6.30 pm


Asia House

Indiakaj 16

2100 Copenhagen Ø





  1. Welcoming
  2. Short introduction of the ‘Danish Thai Business Forum’ concept
  3. H.E. Ambassador Piyawat Niyomrerks – Danish Thai relationship and some aspects of Thai economy
  4. Short break and Networking
  5. Workshop
  6. Reports from workshop
  7. Conclusion


    The meeting which is the first meeting in the new Forum will take place in Asia House, the historic location of the first EAC office in Copenhagen.


    It is our intention to create a forum where we can meet interesting people, expand your network and learn something about culture and business among Denmark and Thailand.


    Most of - if not all of the participants do have an extraordinary network already either with Danish and Thai business people, government representatives etc.


    It is our hope that this can be further expanded and creates a platform for discussions, lectures, networking, establishing even closer relationships between the persons interested in Thailand and hopefully provide new knowledge, create some opportunities as well as attract some new members.


    Since this is the first meeting it is our intention to have a small workshop with groups discussing what should be the priorities of the Business Forum, ideas for the contents, suggestions from the participants etc.


    The meeting will finish not later than 8.30 pm.

    There might occur smaller adjustments in the agenda of the meeting.


    For participation or questions please mail or call to:


    Hans Siegfredsen


    Mail: sales@tdtrading.com – please mark with ‘Business Forum’


    Mobile: 40 54 42 28


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    With an ever increasing interest in Thailand and a growing business relationship between Denmark and Thailand we think the time has come to establish a forum that people interested in and doing business with Thailand can meet and develope their knowledge and contacts.

    Below some of the guidelines for the forum has been mentioned. Comments and ideas are very welcome.


    Objects for the Business Forum – to establish a business orientated section within the framework of Danish Thai Society, offering the members of the Forum a possibility of developing business and cultural understanding between Denmark and Thailand.

    The Business Forum will establish it’s own executive committee, which shall be working with it’s own independent management and planning of activities.


    -      Extensive networking – e.g members of Danish Thai Chamber of Commerce (Bangkok),  companies with business relations to Thailand or companies seeking to establish business with Thailand

    -      Interesting lectures given  by own members, contacts obtained by our network and others

    -      Possible contacts obtained through the Danish Foreign Ministry

    -      Possible access to new business

    -      Newsletter - Updated news about subjects of interest in Thailand and Denmark in relation to the Danish-Thai Trade relations

    -      Increased knowledge of Thai culture and business culture

    -      Social relationships and friendship

    -      Access to cultural events within Danish Thai Society

    -      Increased relationship to the Royal Thai Embassy and the Office of Commercial Affairs

    -      Possible meetings with Thai business men from the Thai society in Denmark and business men from Thailand seeking partners


    Implementing the Forum and getting it to work it is our idea to arrange a certain number of meetings annually, distributing a Newsletter and possibly arrange one or two dinners for socializing and improving friendship.


    We intend to launch the idea and get started during a founding meeting beginning of the new year. Persons who wants to participate, take this opportunity or maybe even challenge are very welcome to contact with

    Chairman Svend Drachmann or Hans Siegfredsen, mobile 40 54 42 28 or mail sales@tdtrading.com



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